Significant demands are placed on the effectiveness of a compliance structure, not least by the so-called ‚Neubürger judgment‘ of 2013. One of the most important tasks of the Chief Compliance Offer is ensuring adequate sizing and process integration, creating clearly allocating centralised and decentralised responsibilities for recording and minimising risk, and continually optimising them. This is independent of the question of whether the structure or auditing of compliance is in reaction to an incident or preventative. We support you with this.


An extract from our consultancy service:

  • We support you in recording and minimising risk across the company, define with you the scope and nature of integrating the compliance department in to the company’s important processes, and ensure cost transparency
  • We provide you with a comprehensive training concept and ensure it is rolled out globally to all staff
  • We define together with you appropriate KPIs for reporting to the Board or Management, and discuss with you the tasks of the Compliance Committee

It goes without saying that, with our Compliance Report and the Remuneration Survey for compliance officers, we will always gladly provide you with all data, facts and figures for a reliable benchmarking process with your peers.

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