Intellectual Property

//Intellectual Property

The set-up and work of patent and trademark departments depends significantly on the reputation of the company protecting industrial property. Efficient IP management needs to be well-structured and, at the same time, flexible to be able to react to changes in the environment. The role of the IP manager has also changed from purely managing protective rights to that of a proactive IP strategist. We support you in defining and implementing a comprehensive IP strategy.

An extract from our consultancy service:

  • We audit your portfolio, create together with you a targeted IP portfolio, and ensure effective monitoring of competitor IP.
  • We set up global uniform, strategic and operational IP committees, and ensure the active integration of decentralised patent coordinators for the targeted management of inventor activity.
  • We define a uniform IP process including measurement by suitable KPIs, and set up with you clear rules for prompt and comprehensive integration of the IP department in the research and development process
  • We audit your organisational structure based on the new processes with the aim of increasing efficiency – including by pooling activities
  • We define together with you uniform rules for proprietary rights and create clear role definitions between the inventing unit and the IP department
  • We professionalise the management of your law firm

It goes without saying that, with our European IP Report and the Remuneration Survey for patent lawyers, we will always gladly provide you with all data, facts and figures for a reliable benchmarking process with your peers..


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