Our publications are a significant component of our business model

Along with recording the latest trends, it allows us to constantly benchmark key figures.


Otto Henning has its roots in the legal field. For this reason, our range of services in this field is the most extensive and covers the

  • Legal Department Report
  • The Remuneration Survey for legal practitioners, and
  • The Law Firm Monitor


OH focuses on compliance and is currently putting a lot into expansion. Our services offered in the field of compliance currently cover:

  • The Compliance Report
  • The Remuneration Survey for compliance officers

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is one of Otto Henning’s key areas, and for several years we have been offering the following services in this field:

  • IP Report
  • Remuneration Survey for patent lawyers

Sonstige Veröffentlichungen

Along with published surveys and reports, OH is also known for publishing specialist articles in professional journals. Here are a few small excerpts.