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The 2016/17 Intellectual Property Report 

For the third time, the IP Report answers relevant questions with regard to trends, costs and performance of patent and trademark departments. The report ensure more transparency in the structure, and highlights best practice for the day-to-day challenges of resource planning, cost reduction and outsourcing practices. In addition, a wide range of quantitative and qualitative key figures is offered to allow a reliable comparison of the in-house department in the European context.

‚Organisation and Performance of European IP Departments‘
Authors: Andreas Bong, Katharina Kozuchar, ISBN: 978-3-8005-1635-3, 138 pages, €599.- net

Details/Table of Contents

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The 2018/19 IP Report is prepared as of the 1st quarter of 2018.

Remuneration study

Remuneration study for patent lawyers, survey year 2017

The Payment Study for patent lawyers allows subscribers to audit their own remuneration structures and career paths for retaining the loyalty of qualified staff and attracting new high-level staff. Posts in compliance departments are analysed with regard to your organisational structures including career levels, recruitment and promotion conditions, and requirements of the posts in question. All remuneration components (basic pay, short-term bonuses, long-term incentives and ancillary payments) are individually evaluated. New remuneration structures can then be developed to ensure increased financial attraction by means of adequate salary increases.

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