The legal department report

The legalisation of the business processes in German companies is increasing, with consequences for legal counsel. This is evidence by the 7th Legal Department Report 2017/18. It gives insights in to the organisation and strategy of the legal departments of the top 150 German companies. Key figures developed in house over 200 pages resulting in important trends for managing legal departments. A consistent group of participants and the fact that the report has been in existence for 12 years allows additional interesting long-term observations of the management of legal departments over a decade.

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ISBN: 978-3-8005-1639-1, author: Dr Michael Henning, price: €599

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Remuneration study

The findings of the Remuneration Survey are only made available to subscribers. The survey allows legal departments and law firms to audit payment structures and career paths, retain the loyalty of qualified staff, and attract new high-level staff. Over 6,500 posts in legal departments from DAX/MDAX-listed groups as well as large law firms are analysed by means of an evaluation matrix designed in house. All remuneration components (basic pay, short-term bonuses, long-term incentives and ancillary payments) are individually evaluated. New remuneration structures can then be developed to ensure increased financial attraction by means of adequate salary increases.

The survey regarding to 2017 numeration is prepared in the first quarter of 2018.

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Law firm monitor

The recommendation of a law firm with regard to an external lawyer or of a colleague from the legal department is one of the best references for a company legal practitioner with regarding to an upcoming instruction. During the survey, more than 5,000 corporate legal practitioners across Germany were asked about the subject of recommending a lawyer based on experiences and the perceived public image of law firms. The survey’s findings allow a unique insight in to the ranking of individual law firms and lawyers by area of law, as well as the criteria checked and evaluated by companies when instructing law firms.
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